High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications

OSS leads the market in external systems that increase a server's performance in HPC applications, reducing cost and impact on the data center infrastructure. Our external GPU accelerators and Flash storage arrays are used in applications like seismic modeling, trading algorithms and research data gathering and processing. Click on an application below to learn more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is not new, but the increase in available data and more powerful GPUs allow for faster and more efficient parallel computing. One Stop Systems provides appliances for a wide variety of machine learning applications including deep learning, image recognition, autonomous cars, real-time voice translation and more.

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Finance is a fast-paced industry that relies heavily on technology. One Stop Systems provides appliances for a wide variety of financial applications including high-frequency trading, Monte Carlo simulations, partial differential equation computation, risk analytics and many more.

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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry utilizes large amounts of data that needs to be processed and stored. One Stop Systems provides the compute power and storage for a wide variety of oil and gas applications including seismic processing and interpretation, reservoir modeling and many others.

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Many research fields require the use of powerful computers to compute complex calculations and store large amounts of data. Researchers can utilize OSS HPC appliances for molecular dynamics, numerical analytics, physics, weather and climate forecasting and many other research disciplines.

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One Stop System’s HPC appliances can make VDI a possible solution for companies that require tremendous amounts of compute power or flash storage. These appliances can help with general office virtualization, gaming virtualization, CAD virtualization and many other VDI applications.

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HPEC apps

High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) Applications

High Performance Computing has now come to the world of Embedded Computing. HPEC Applications utilize similar computing elements as HPC applications but they may require more rugged packaging and additional I/O capabilities. Applications such as defense and medical require high performance embedded computing appliances. Click on an application below to learn more.


In the defense industry, precision is vital. Because of this, defense applications such as geospatial visualization, intelligence, SAAR and many others accumulate vast amounts of data. Our HPC appliances provides the compute power and storage needed to process and store this data.

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Technology has changed and continues to change the way medicine is practiced. Many medical applications require tremendous compute power and storage. Our HPC appliances provides this to make image processing even faster, accelerate bioinformatics, and make simulations more accurate.

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