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ULTRA CONTROLO INTERNATIONAL is formed by a dynamic and enterprising team whose mission is dedicated to exportation of products manufactured by ULTRA CONTROLO PROJECTOS INDUSTRIAIS LDA.
This one, is dedicated to manufacturing plants for medical gases ready to be installed in clinics and hospitals everywhere around the world, and manufacturing Oil-free air compressors, scroll and piston type with a wide field of industrial and medical application, and having entered into exclusive agreements for the entire Iberian Peninsula.
With great experience of 35 years dedicated to industry and hospitals, the company is strongly committed to replicate the Portuguese model in other countries.
Join our team and apply to be one of our distributors. Our brands are a symbol of quality and excellence and are on track to success!

Sabino de Pompeia

Ultra Controlo International
Travessa do Campo da Telheira, 104.
Vila Nova da Telha.
4470-828 Maia.

T: (+351) 913 010 819
M:  [email protected]


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Ultra Controlo Internacional

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