The Barbatana restoration concept is the fish and seafood in its various forms of confection. The ingredient that best represents Portugal, the jewel of our sea, considered by many the best that exists on the planet. Barbatana is inserted in the restoration group that owns the prestigious restaurant Porto Santa Maria in Guincho, this concept emerges as the "brother" younger and irreverent, which democratizes the consumption of fish and quality seafood, daily ensuring freshness and taste in an unique experience but unpretentious.




The menu designed by Chef Paula Marques for a space directed to people with an urban lifestyle, looking for a healthy pleasure experience in restoration. The brand is based on the convenience of the supply of fish and seafood dishes that combine freshness, exquisite simplicity and a perfect quality-price ratio, made by an experienced and award winning team, able to make the most of the Atlantic heritage and wisdom of more than three decades of Porto Santa Maria. 


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Located in Amoreiras Shopping Center, it opened in June 2015, a privileged space with large windows that allow exterior views and natural light in the dining area. The restaurant puts us in an environment inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, dominated by shades of white and green water, and vibrant fish images, the central element of the concept.




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The space is divided into three distinct areas, with different menus and proposals:


It will have capacity for 50 people and a more extensive list of more elaborate cooking options for fish and seafood.

Food Court:

counter with simplified daily menu always around the fish and adapted accompaniments;


with 10 seats, will serve the food court or restaurant's menu, and it will be a special area - the "Chef's Table" where you can be served a daily tasting menu;


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Paula Marques is the Executive Chef, creative head of the kitchen design, very attentive to every detail, leads a team of 12 people very committed and motivated in this very interesting project.


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A marca Barbatana foi estudada para ser impactante e remete para um imaginário povoado de histórias de marinheiros, de barcos e tradições, com um carácter distinto que inspira a muitas ligações e evoluções num futuro próximo!

Restaurante Barbatana
Lisboa - Restaurant Barbatana

Amoreiras Shopping Center, 1º Piso, LISBOA
M: 913 582 639 Email: [email protected]

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