Pussycat Kill


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PUSSYCAT KILL @ rebellion Fest

Aug 06, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK


31 Mayo Wurlitzer Ballroom, Tres cruces 1, madrid, precio a confirmar

About Us

Are you serious?
We dont really care about playing accurate live. We care about fucking intensity live!

Pussycat Kill was born in 2012 August, but it´s not important at all. The fact is where we go, not where we come.

Our goal is to go everywhere. Every fucking place we can play our music. Destroy every fucking head in our gigs. Drink every fucking glass you want to drink with us.

Pussycat Kill is more than music, is an attitude, is a way of living. Is a van, a place in the map and a bottle of whisky. We don´t really care about playing accurate live, that´s what is for the rehearshal room. We care about the fucking intensity live. If you can feel the intensity, you are welcome to Pussycat´s family.

Pussycat Kill wants to be in your town soon, are you ready for that?????

  • Punk


  • Rock


  • Your opinion

    we really care a lot...

  • R&B

    Fuck that shit!

Who the fuck are these boyz?

The soul of Pussycat. She makes all the songs and all the lyrics. She doesn´t cares a shit about the bussiness. A complete rock n roll motherfucker
Bass Guitar
The Architect. He manages Geek Records so all the music and all the ideas are recording there and produced by himself.
Lead Guitar
A truly motherfucker. He can be 3 days with no sleeping, just partying. He needs to change all the buttons in the amp before the sound check. Always.
He never fails. No drums is safe in his hands. He brokes something in every gig

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