About Pinypon Ski Lodge, Car and Tow and Weekend Getaway

Ready for a ton of winter fun? The Ski Lodge is where Pinypon friends vacation in the winter. They ice skate on real ice, ski, ride a snow mobile, build a snowman and get warm in the Lodge. Soooo many fun ways to play! Start off with the ski lift and go skiing…wheeeee! Includes Pinypon friends dressed in winter gear…so cool! Over 50 accessories! Great value! Add the Pinypon Car and Tow for even more wintery fun! Head to the slopes in your Car & Tow for some skiing fun! Includes a Pinypon friend, snowboard, skies, luggage and more! And don’t miss the Pinypon
Weekend Getaway, available at:Pinypon Weekend Getaway features a Hotel, Cool Convertible, 4 Pinypon Friends and a Pet Turtle. In the Hotel you can enjoy a swim in the pool, pass by the juice bar, relax on the terrace. Your pet can also enjoy a relaxing time in its very own play area.

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