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We have launched our new home page.
In the next days we will add new features and releases.
Welcome to Red Rocks Audio Home Page. Enjoy your visit
Hi there!
Red Rocks Audio is pleased to announce that has joined forces with Audinate Pty Ltd. to apply Dante networked Audio technology on our future releases. You can see the official Press Release here:
The Company
Red Rocks Audio SL was launched in 2001, focussed on Pro Audio + Lightning Rental services and Recording Studio equipment sales and service.
During 2007 we started DSP hardware and software design as OEM research company, this activity also included class D amplification and high frequency power supplies tailored for Audio amplifiers.
We are working on a new design that involves multichannel audio, tactile surfaces and top notch Microphone and Line pre-amplification. Stay tuned to our incoming release.

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