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The Interactive Bible:

  1. Interactive Bible study series lessons where you learn Bible truths while on line for yourself. Anyone can understand what the Bible says. It is fun!!!
  2. The Bible is God's Inspired Book! Do you really believe the Bible is Inspired?
  3. Fundamental Bible Doctrines What the Bible teaches on doctrinal subjects
  4. Do you know what your church teaches: Official teachings of almost every church.
  5. Sin and Morality How God expects you to live to get to heaven.
  6. Early Christians Speak! Historical documentation of what early Christians believed
  7. Searching for New Testament Christianity Seek and you will find!
  8. Family Life Marriage, parenting, teens, dating, loneliness, low-self esteem etc.
  9. The Supernatural God, Holy Spirit, angels, demons, Deity of Christ, heaven, hell, soul, spirit
  10. How to Be Saved You need the blood of Christ! Here is how to apply it to your soul!

Systems of False Doctrine:

  1. Do you know what your church teaches: Official teachings of almost every church.
  2. Sabbath Keepers Refuted An defense of why Christians worship on Sunday and not Saturday.
  3. For Jehovah's Witness New Converts Information every new Jehovah's Witness should know about his new religion.
  4. Evolution vs 6 day creation When God created the earth in 6 days He was taking His time!
  5. The Roman Catholic church examined Is the Roman Catholic church the original one true church?
  6. Mormonism Exposed Are the Book of Mormon and the golden Nephi plates from God or man?
  7. Calvinism refuted The famous 5 point T-U-L-I-P doctrinal system refuted by scripture!
  8. 20th Century Tongues exposed Are modern day tongue speakers guided by divinity or self-delusion?
  9. neo-sadduceeism.htm A doctrine that takes all the supernatural out of the Bible! (Human saviour, souless man, heavenless hope, non-existent Holy Spirit)
  10. Rapture and Pre-millenialism A system that teaches our God couldn't make it happen the first time!
  11. Searching for New Testament Christianity Seek and you will find!
  12. Anti-Sola Scriptura Those who try to destroy the Bible
  13. Lies of the devil: Doctrine doesn't matter Tares among the wheat!
  14. Archeology: Digging up Bible stories! The Exodus Route Discovered and More!

Reaching out for help & Comments:

  1. Locate the closest assembly of Christians to your home town
  2. Ask a Bible question??? Get a Bible answer!
  3. Request FREE Bible study course by mail (postal service not E-Mail)
  4. Your comments about any information here
  5. Add your own information to The Interactive Bible
  6. Request information for further Bible study
  7. Contact us for any reason or find a local instructor
  8. Computer trouble contacting us: Click here


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