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The Unsung Hero of Canadian Transportation: The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Waterway


Our member, Chamber of Marine Commerce, has shared with us their insights on the safe, efficient and environmentally smart use of marine transportation.



Canadian Businesses Respond to MPs' Foreign Lobbying Against CETA

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Business Council of Canada and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters issued the following statement today regarding the open letter by Canadian and Quebec elected officials calling on French parliamentarians to not ratify CETA in their upcoming vote.

The Canadian business community is deeply disappointed to see a number of Canadian and Quebec elected officials asking the French parliament to defeat the ratification of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which has been supported by the federal Parliament and by provincial and territorial governments across Canada. 

Posted on 17-07-2019

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In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, we examine the first international standard for AI policies that was introduced at the OECD Ministerial and how it could positively affect Canadian businesses.

Lessons in Reconciliation: What we Heard in Saskatoon (June 2019)

On May 13, we sat down with business and Indigenous leaders in Saskatoon to hear what they had to say regarding reconciliation, what it means to them, their communities and their businesses.

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