A new life

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This year I have begun the university and I have started a new life in Castellon.

I was not accepted in the Valencia University and I had to move to Castellon to go to its university.

It is difficult to be far from the family and to live with new people who you do not know but everything changes for better. The beginning is the most difficult thing, after when you do friends the things become easier.

The university is another world completely different from the high school, nobody concentrates on you and everything depends on you. You are the responsible of your acts. Thus, your life changes radically without realizing and you turn into an adult. You realize from what it happens around you.And this is the new life and studying is your principal responsibility. I do not know as explaining what one feels in this situation because the changes are always complicated.

A travel to a foreign speaking country

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Last summer I travelled to a big city in England called York for a month and I stayed in Edinburgh two days.

I did not understand when someone was talking. I felt rare and I did not know what to do.

Initially, I had frightening because I could not express myself and my feelings very good. In addition, I did not know if I could get to express me good someday. But in the house where I stayed, after a few days I began to understand English people and I was impressed.

I could understand better the wife,her accent was easier than her husband’s accent.

Although, later I understood his accent and I could speak with him too. He told me their experiences in other countries.

On the other hand, when I went to Scotland those two days I discovered its paradise with its big castles and the Scotland accent that was different. I liked it, bur for me their language was more difficult.

Eventually, I learnt to understand all these accents. I like foreign languages and I think that to learn them it is a challenge. Travel to a foreign speaking country it is a beautiful experience.


Advantages and disadvantages of public transport

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The public transport is an invention or creation really useful. But like all, the public transport has advantages and disadvantages. This depends on each person. Therefore, some people say that using public transport is a good idea and other people think that it is a bad idea.

On the one hand, people who think it is a good idea say that public transport’s advantages are that you do not have to drive, so you need not driving license and it is a help for people who do not have a car.

Moreover, you have not to worry about parking and it is cheaper because using petrol is very expensive.  In addition, public transport like trains or planes is faster and these two are capable of doing a long distance in a little time.

And finally, it is usually more comfortable.

In contrast, people who do not like using public transport say that in transports there are sometimes many people and it is overwhelming.  Apart from, theysay that timetables are not occasionally on time and public transport like buses arrive late and are also expensive.

And the most important argument is that if you are disabled, you have a lot of problems to go up in these transports.

To sum up, there are two opinions and different arguments. In my opinion, disadvantages are quite serious but advantages are extremely good and I think that public transport is definitely an advance.


climate change

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For a few years is commented, across the mass media, that there is taking place a climate change. The temperature rises, as the level of the sea because of the global warming. At the same timeas it concerns the rainfalls, the winds, the dampness and the atmospheric pressure.

There are different opinions aboutthis matter between the scientists.

On the one hand, there are those scientists who think that these changes are effect of the climate change, while others discuss this idea and doubt on it. But at present the news show the quantity of natural phenomena that happen every day in China, EE.UU. , etc. There are a high quantity of floods, hurricanes and earthquakes that devastate the cities. Moreover, we can see the different researches about the growth of the level of the sea every year.

From my point of view, it demonstrates that something is happening and that the planet is changing, while we all continue with our lives without thinking about the environment nor in taking care neither of the world nor the nature…

The people do not act to look for a solution to try to diminish the great pollution and the terrible action of the man on the nature, because not all the reasons are natural.

On the other hand, a few years ago in a convention of the European Union the Protocol of Kioto was approved, where it was proposed to all the countries to reduce the pollution to fighting to the global warming, thing that was completely ignored. Then, how do they think to solve this great problem?

In my opinion, we should be more conscious and we must try to solve the problems as soon as possible because maybe when we will decide to take the necessary measurements it will be too late to act.

My best friend

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I met her when I was four, but our true friendship started when we were eleven.

To begin with, I think that she is a pretty girl because she is slim and blonde with expressive light brown eyes.

In addition, she usually smiles and her smile is beautiful. In my opinion, she is an attractive girl and many boys think that too.

Secondly, her personality is admirable. She is an extremely good person and friend, because she gives me an advice when I have problems or when I am undecided. She is also sincere which it is a really good quality for a friend.

On the other hand, she is friendly, outgoing and warm. I always have good time with her.

To sum up, she is an important person in my life like all friends because she always helps me when I need ok and she is a fantastic friend.