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Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a property in Marbella, our local experience in Marbella Real Estate will help. Marbella Real Estate is here to help you. We have created an extensive database of properties for sale and rent in Marbella and the surrounding area.

Marbella Real Estate can offer our clients 33,500 properties for sale and up to 3,800 properties for rent. Above all, Marbella Real Estate will go the extra mile for our customers to provide them an excellent service which will satisfy your wishes and dreams of living in Spain.

Please come and visit our office, located close to the famous marina in Puerto Banus in the Centro Plaza. If you are looking to sell, buy or rent a property in Marbella, we guarantee you a professional and personalized service with straightforward advice. To receive details of our Marbella Real Estate, please click and enter your contact details into our contact us page.

Marbella Real Estate is thoroughly committed to providing our customers all the necessary help in locating well priced Marbella Properties available on the Costa del Sol. Don’t hesitate to contact us ! You can find anything from bank repossessions, distressed sales to luxury apartments and villas with beautiful landscaped gardens, swimming pools and breathtaking views.

In order to secure your purchase in the safest and most cost effective way, we cooperate with specialists for all your legal and mortgage needs. Should your interest be in making a permanent move to Spain, finding a holiday rental or a permanent home in today’s buyer’s market, Marbella Real Estate will bring all their experience and resources to provide the best properties in the Costa del Sol.

Marbella offers great night life, shopping, townhouses, top villas ; beautiful beaches, and the best weather in Europe. The Marbella area is perfect for luxury lovers. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in purchasing a top quality well priced property in Marbella, find Luxus Properties in Gibraltar with Gibraltar Estate Agents.

Currently many Marbella Properties and new Marbella buildings can be acquired directly from the developers and banks at prices which are similar to before the year 2000.

We have been active in the 90s in Marbella property and we have an excellent knowledge of the market.

We have excellent contacts with various banks, and we deal with them on an ongoing basis regarding the real estate market here in Marbella and with selected Marbella Property.

If you are looking to secure effective financing for any of your Marbella Property purchases you can rely on our team to give you a complete Marbella purchase solution for your Marbella Properties. You satisfaction is our suceess!

In Spain the normal procedure is that before the purchase contract at the notary the client must sign a reservation contract for sale to third parties of the desired property to be reserved until the notary has processed the paperwork appropriately. This agreement relies on the attorneys for the buyer and the attorney for the seller. This agreement usually includes a deposit on the purchase price of 5-10%, for the period of reservation regarding the respective Marbella Property for sale.



This action is important because it takes time to bring all the necessary documents to secure your financing from a bank. Funding applications can take 4-8 weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

You should look at the calculation as being longer rather than shorter in order to avoid any potential problems as can arise when purchasing any Marbella Properties.

Normally, the preliminary contract contains a penalty. This penalty can apply despite which ever Marbella properties you may currently be negotiating. If the buyer is not within the specified time frame, as per the contract agreement then the seller keeps the deposit. Marbella Real estate provides a step by step procedure to ensure that our clients are informed on every part of the process.

In another case, if the seller has not sold the Marbella property for the said period of time as per the contract then the buyer will get a full refund for the amount of the deposit back into their bank account.

In reality, the lawyers simply extend the deadlines on each contract which generally avoids problems such as these.

If all documents are available at the notary then the process will run very smoothly. Generally, there are no serious issues when purchasing any one of our many Marbella Properties because our team is highly experienced and aware of any potential pitfalls you may have. However as part of the procedure after reviewing all the documents, the notary asks all parties present to sign the official date of transfer of ownership.

The notary speaks with the tax office, which removes all costs and taxes directly in this case. That is an advantage, since the buyer will not need to worry about these issues. We at the Marbella Real Estate make sure that everything is safe and all is settled throughout your purchase process. Subsequent to this, The financial report will be notified in advance to the lawyers. The notary will send the deed to the property office. Until the entry in the register which can take up to 6 weeks for a Marbella Property

List of purchase costs as applied to various Marbella Properties:

1. Charges for the notarization approximately 0.2 – 0.3%

2. Fees for Gestoria about 200, – 400, – €

3. Land transfer tax of 7% of the recorded total

4.  Fees for entry into the property register 0.1%

5.  Mortgage tax the province and the Goverment of Spain/Township 2 x 0.5% (if the property is financed by a bank)

6. Legal fees usually 1%, you never accept more

7.  Real Estate 0.1% appreciation of the valuation (only if property is financed)

8. Bank credit facility fee of about 0.5-1% (in the case of bank financing )

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