Stars Capital is a private equity fund focused on developing a diversified portfolio in growing sectors

Johnny Cecotto

Successful Formula 2 pilot. At the age of 16 he founded an IT company that provided services to clients like Vodafone, Tim, Nolan Group and Andrea Dovizioso. Whilst pursuing his Sports career he co-founded Stars Capital in 2012 constructing the Portfolio of Companies within, managing operations in Europe, Middle-East and Asia.

Emanuele Dall’Oste

Racing driver manager since 2002. He managed F1, Gp2, F2 drivers and MotoGP Riders. Founder of several marketing and financial companies, in 2012 co-founded Stars Capital. Managing operations in North and South America.

What we do

Commodities Trading

Futura Asia LTD provides unbiased high-level services in the commodity market space with strong expertise in financial derivatives, hedging and risk management

Our clients include national oil companies, investors, corporations and financial institutions with commodity market exposure.

We trade several types of commodities keeping a special attention on crude & refined oil and precious metals

Sports Management &
Publicity Agency

From the great experience in Motorsports from the two founding partners it was only logical to maintain links and investments in this passionate sport loved by anyone

TIMP Software

Every piece of software is developed in-house. TIMP is the leading booking and business management software in Spain. It offers a web version, an app for professionals and a mobile app for customers


Used by our clients to control and get information about everything that happens in the center

TIMP Express

App for professionals that must work with TIMP on the go


Available on Android and iOS so that customers can manage their bookings

Real Estate Promotion, Construction &
Refurbishing in Monaco & the Cote D’Azur

The international prestige of the Principality and the dimension of its territory (less than 2 km2) make real estate in Monaco a very specific market, offering a number of advantages to investors.

The investment facilities, the economic and political stability, the safety of real estate assets, make the Principality of Monaco the ideal destination for property investments.

JAD Realty Investment LLC

Real Estate Investments & Refurbishment in Florida

CD Investing Group

The Bridge between South America and the rest of the World

  • Mines
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Oil Wells
  • Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Petroleum derivatives

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