Dear Customers,

  If you would like to place your order, please send us a message with the list of items you are willing to purchase.
  Please include preferred method of shipping (though we strongly trust and encourage you to use EMS Postal Service).
  We will calculate the shipping and packaging price
  and include other expenses* if necessary.
We Shipp Worldwide.

  We try to keep our catalogue up to date and as vast as possible.
  If you are interested in any items which are not listed on our website,
  please don't hesitate to contact us directly.
  We will be happy to fulfill all your needs.

  helena [at]
  Tel.: (00370) 5 2626476
  Vilniaus Antikvaro Centras
  Dominikonu str. 16
  LT-01131 Vilnius

  Bank Account:
AB SEB Bankas
  Vilnius, Lithuania
  Bank code: 70440
  Account Nr. LT217044060001503123 EUR

*due to our local regulations we are usually obliged to acquire export permits issued by
Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture for all the items older than 50 years.
Please note that the permit expenses are not included in the price of the item (which most often costs around 20
Euros per Item)

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