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Augmented Reality at work

We bring the most advanced augmented reality technology to your industry.

Improvements in cost, efficiency, and quality are guaranteed in your team‘s daily processes. With our combination of ar:Guidance and ar:Remote Assistant, we ensure that the experts knowledge either between your team members or with your customers will be available whenever and wherever it‘s needed.



Whether in training, operations, troubleshooting or maintenance, when an employee needs technical instructions to complete a task, the help must be provided immediately and easy to apply.


ar:Remote Assistant


Reduce costs and time of experts in your company. In critical situations, experts help and assistance will be available to the field workers in different places at the same time.




Take your marketing and sales campaign to the next level, enhance your branding with endless memorable Eye-catching ideas and impress your customers with unforgettable Ads.


ar:met GmbH @ the European Utility Week 2018
We are exhibiting our AR solutions in
Vienna 06-08 November 2018

Team ar:met

About Us

As an Austrian leading team with years of experience in the energy utilities and other industrial sectors, we believe that with our Augmented Reality technologies we are able to significantly raise the productivity of the team and reduce cost and time of daily processes and routines.

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