It´s natural that whole Alma is renewed

In 2016 we came up with more Alma so we can continue to touch people. We started by the name and we were transforming our mall into a more comfortable place with new areas to be with your friends and family.

The change is natural and your shopping will have even more soul.

The Projetc

The future has a new Alma

For more than 2 years ago Alma has been transformed to adapt to the needs of the more than 150,000 inhabitants of the city of Coimbra. An evolution that adapts to new trends in the retail, leisure, technology and sustainability sectors to create an increasingly attractive shopping experience for you and your family.

Don’t miss it

1 New stores
We are in Coimbra’s Alma with renovated shops and front stores to discover.
2 Cantina
Much more than a meal, an opportunity for two. This is the new meeting place for family lunch or a moment with friends even more fun.
3 Leisure space
We have a super inviting terrace for you that come to enjoy the summer sun with friends or spend a family afternoon in the heat of winter.
4 Light and architecture
We bet on modernity and new space architecture in order to create more appealing environments for you that visit us. And now with much more enlightenment!


(Português) Alberto Oculista

Nova Loja
(Português) Ornimundo

Nova Loja
(Português) GEOX

Nova Loja

Nova Loja
(Português) 5 à sec

(Português) Vitaminas

(Português) Burger King

(Português) NOS

Em Remodelação
(Português) Mayoral

Em Remodelação


Alma Shopping
Rua Humberto Delgado, 207-211
3030-327 Coimbra
[email protected]
+351 239 798 090

Gonçalo Duarte
[email protected]
+351 915 248 698

Speciality Leasing
Gisela Aveiro
[email protected]
+351 239 798 090

Alma Shopping

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