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Exhibition area

provide assistance and participate in the exhibition. Dongjiang Directly assists Portuguese-speaking countries to participate in various exhibitions in China, to further enhance the sales of Portuguese-speaking products and increase their popularity.

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national pavilions

exerts its resource advantages in Portuguese-speaking countries and regions, actively promotes the establishment of national pavilions of the Portuguese-speaking countries in Dongjiang, and builds a window facing Northeast Asia in Dongjiang..

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Business field

provides resources, channels, finance and supply chain services to Portuguese companies. actively assists enterprises that have settled in China through the cooperation platform of the two sides.

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providing services

such as registration facilitation and trade facilitation, building bridges for domestic and foreign trade and investment exchanges, and promoting Dongjiang Bonded Port Area and Portuguese companies introduce and exchange in both directions, and deepen economic and trade cooperation.

Client Client Client Client Client

Cooperation scheme

BUYIN.PT – Comércio Electrónico, S.A. and Tianjin Dongjiang Import Commodity Direct Service Co., Ltd.
the cooperation background

In order to grasp the historical opportunity period of the implementation of major national strategies such as the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the construction of the "TJFTZ-Tianjin Free Trade Pilot Zone", and implement the negotiation results of the "China-Portuguese-Speaking Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference-Lisbon-2018", BUYIN.PT and Dongjiang Direct has reached an in-depth cooperation intention in realizing the sharing of resources and long-term common development.

  • Dongjiang Direct provide business consulting and facilitation services for general trade in China for Portuguese companies registered at online marketplace.

  • Dongjiang Direct cooperate with BUYIN.PT, export and sell it at

  • Dongjiang Direct give priority to the quality products of BUYIN.PT company partners on its own cross-border e-commerce platform and cooperate to carry out cross-border direct mail business.

  • into the Dongjiang Direct-centered Commodity Sales System, promote the two-way introduction and exchange of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area and Portuguese-speaking countries, exchange information on supply and demand, and deepen economic and trade cooperation.

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