GoProRemote goes OpenSource and got r...


I´ve now decided to make this project OpenSource and name it 1337Remote.

3D Printed Glasses

3D Printed Glasses

I’ve now finished my first 3D Printed Glases – they’re really amazing ! I’ve DaWanda now online :  Einzigartige 3D gedruckte Brille in Sehstärke 3D Printed Glasses

WiGPSFi – ESP8266 + GPS


I wanted to know what my ESP projects could connect to – and I decided to look for some open WiFis ….

Firmware is ready! GoPro Remote Case ...


Firmware: The GoProRemote is setting up an Wifi-AccessPoint that you can access with your smartphone / table / Laptop and Setup what GoPro the Remote has to connect

GoPro Remote V2.1 purchase


The new GoPro Remote V2.1 is ready to purchase

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