Euler Math Toolbox

This is the homepage of Euler Math Toolbox (EMT), a powerful math program combining numerical and symbolic tools (using the computer algebra system Maxima) in one free and open source package. Its idea is similar to Matlab, but the syntax is not exactly compatible. The projected was started in 1987 by Rene Grothmann, professor of mathematics in Eichstätt, Germany.

The main design goal of Euler Math Toolbox is to provide a clean and simple surface that gives easy access to powerful tools.

Euler Math Toolbox is free to use for anyone without costs or loyalties under the GPL license. It is also an open source program, hosted on SourceForge and supports the idea of open software and libraries. The program runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit. Recommended is at least Windows 8 with 64-bit. Windows 32-bit is no longer supported.

EMT is for you if

  • you are looking for a mighty, easy to use and free substitute for Matlab,
  • you need to do symbolic algebra or numerical mathematics in schools or the universities,
  • you are a student or a teacher and want to demonstrate mathematics,
  • you want to make good looking mathematical illustrations or even photo realistic scenes,
  • you have a need to present mathematics on web pages.

In case the program is not known to you and you want to learn more about the program, have a look on this overview, or go directly to the tutorial giving a crash course for EMT.

Read more about EMT via the links in the link box.

Euler Math Toolbox is constantly updated and in active development. The current version is is "Version 2019-10-22".