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with our team at KANSAI SPECIAL EUROPE GmbH you find your key to high quality and cost efficient production with our machinery.


Kansai NR9803GALK - ABH3

Automatic bottom hemming

Kansai WFB5506PA-3WAC

Automatic waist band machine

WFB5506PA-3WAC.pdf (362.89KB)
WFB5506PA-3WAC.pdf (362.89KB)

Our latest overlock model


specially developed for piping on upholstery is now ready for delivery from Germany.

Also available now in quantity :

  • FBX1104P 1/4-1-1/4
  • NR9803GALK-UTA 7/32
  • NW8803GMG 1/4 with GMG in 7/32
  • FX4423PW-UTC 1/8

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Kansai FX4423PW-UTC

Kansai NC1001GUSJ-UTAB

Bottom hemming with the smallest cylinder in the world

Kansai BX1433P

Automatic endless sewing

of non-woven fabric

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