My name is Rudy Velthuis. These pages show my humble selection of Delphi information. You will find some of my freeware components and other downloadable files, a few articles and links to other Delphi sites.

This site is divided into a few sections, which are explained in the list below.

A short introduction to my favourite programming language.
Some of my articles about simple, but often misunderstood things in Delphi.
Free Code
Some of my free code: units, experts and programs. All of them come as source code only.
All the free downloads: components, programs, translations and other files.
A few useful links I have collected.
About me
About my person.
About my involvement in TeamB, a group of volunteers on the Embarcadero newsgroups and forums.
About my involvement in JEDI, an Open Source organisation for Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix and FPC users.

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