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The 12 Tónar shop is known as a friendly place where you can sit down, listen to a wide selection of music on two floors, enjoy free espresso, read magazines or browse our juicy collection of rock literature. We sometimes have concerts in our shop. Especially on Fridays during the summer when our lovely garden becomes the venue for all kinds of music. In 2006 the 12 Tónar shop in Reykjavik was awarded the prestigious title Shop of the Year by the City of Reykjavik.

12 Tónar is also an important independent record label. Our position as a label is unique as we regularly meet with many musicians in our shop. Therefore we are in good contact with emerging talent.

Since 2003 we have released more than 70 albums from a variety of musical genres and artists. A number of our releases have been licensed to territories like Japan, US, and Korea.

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Opnunartími-Opening Hours

Jól-Christmas 2018


Sunnudaginn-Sunday                 16. desember      kl.     12-18

Mánudaginn-Monday                  17. desember     kl.     10-22

Þriðjudaginn-Tuesday                18. desember      kl.     10-22

Miðvikudaginn-Wednesday       19. desember      kl.     10-22

Fimmtudaginn-Thursday           20. desember      kl.     10-22

Föstudaginn-Friday                    21. desember      kl.     10-22

Laugardaginn-Saturday             22. desember      kl.     10-22

Sunnudaginn-Sunday                 23. desember      kl.     10-23

Mánudaginn-Monday                  24. desember      kl.     10-12

Þriðjudaginn-Tuesday                25. desember     LOKAÐ-CLOSED

Miðvikudaginn-Wednesday       26. desember      kl.     12-18

Fimmtudaginn-Thursday           27. desember      kl.     10-18

Föstudaginn-Friday                    28. desember      kl.     10-18

Laugardaginn-Saturday             29. desember      kl.     10-18

Sunnudaginn-Sunday                 30. desember      kl.     12-18

Mánudaginn-Monday                 31. desember      kl.     10-17




Þriðjudaginn-Tuesday                  1. janúar          kl.     12-18

Miðvikudaginn-Wednesday         2. janúar          kl.     10-18


Við óskum ykkur gleðilegra jóla og farsældar á komandi ári.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year




12 Tónar is an independent label and a legendary record shop in the heart of Reykjavík.

Founded in the year 1998 in Reykjavík, 12 Tónar was well received by music lovers from the start.

12 Tónar

Skólavörðustíg 15
101 Reykjavík
+354 511 5656
[email protected]


Regular opening hours:

Monday-Saturday 10-18

Sunday 12-18

Opening hours July to mid-September:

Monday-Saturday 10-20

Sunday 12-20.

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