ARWI mission
  • ARWI shall be a leading hight-tech partner in the field of decorative and functional coatings deposited on polymer materials.
  • ARWI offers solutions that provide their customers with competive advantages and added value to their products.



ARWI is a Norway-based company founded in 1958.

Over the years, ARWI has developed into a specialist in the fields of conductive, decorative, reflective and protective coatings deposited polymer materials.

ARWI offer its high-tech, high-quality and cost-effective solutions within the areas of shielding, advanced decorative metal coatings and reflective coatings to various industries.

Standard EMI shielding
High Perfomance EMI shielding
Standard EMI shielding<br />High Perfomance EMI shielding

Our coatings for EMI shielding have above industry standard

Sheet cosmetics
Vacuum chroming
Standard<br />NCVM<br />Semi-transparent<br />Sheet cosmetics<br />Vacuum chroming

Metallic coatings...

High reflective Ultra-reflective
High reflective Ultra-reflective

ARWI has develoed special methods for applying thin film of Aluminium...

 Global facilities
Global facilities

ARWI's production facilities were established in Norway in 1958, and in China in 2004. We supply coated products to various industries.


 Basic Technology
Basic Technology

After chamber is completely evacuated, it will be filles with metal gas. This gas will then form as metallic film on the surface of the substrate.


 Decorative coatings
Decorative coatings

Decorative coatings from ARWI will increase the consumer's impression of the product, making it look better and more valuable.

Sheet cosmetics
Sheet cosmetics

Sheet cosmetics are semi-finished products, made from metallized plastic sheets. Cosmetic effect is highly reflective.

ARWI High-Tech Coating AS, Norway
ARWI Electronics (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, China
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