Manuel María Lombardini

(July 23, 1802, Mexico City—December 2, 1853, Mexico City) was a Mexican general and politician, a supporter of Antonio López de Santa Anna. From February 8, 1853 to April 20, 1853 he was acting president of Mexico.

He joined the army at age 12, enlisting as a cadet in the Company of Patriots of Tacubaya during the War of Independence. After independence he retired from the army, but he returned in 1832.

In 1836 he fought in the Texas War, where he was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and in 1838 in the Pastry War against France. In 1847, during the United States invasion, he gained fame at the Battle of La Angostura. Also in 1847 he was given the military command of the state of Querétaro. In 1849 he became commander of the army (jefe de la plana mayor del ejército). In 1853, now a brigadier, he received command of the state of Mexico.

In 1853 he took part in the revolt of Jalisco against General Mariano Arista, who was serving as president. Juan Bautista Ceballos occupied the presidency briefly, and then transferred power to Lombardini, as provisional president.

As president, he improved the roads to Veracruz and Acapulco and regulated navigation on Lake Chalco. He founded the school of engineering at the Academia de San Carlos.

Lombardini served from February 8, 1853 to April 20, 1853, when Santa Anna returned to the presidency from exile in Jamaica. Santa Anna named him commander of the garrison of Mexico City. He died in Mexico City a few months later, in December.

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