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TRK Group AS

Actively leveraging growth opportunities within Disruptive Technologies, Digital service transformation and African Emerging Markets.

TRK Group is an Oslo-based Advisory and Active Ownership Firm, founded by long-term McKinsey Senior Partner Trond Riiber Knudsen. TRK Group is aiming to catalyse growth for promising entrepreneurial ventures across three particularly exciting domains: Disruptive Technologies, Digital service transformation, and Emerging Africa.

The Group is built around a unique network of investors, investment managers, policy makers, business leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and leadership talent across these domains, and is thus focused on bringing the magic of the network together and only selectively use capital to catalyse positive impact. Thus, TRK Group is primarily focused on helping talented people and organizations reach their full potential and is therefore as focused on societal value creation as financial value creation.

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