Welcome to Kildare Town - Ireland's No.1 daytrip destination - a fascinating, charming town that will surprise you. One of the oldest town's in Ireland established in 480 AD - 1500 years of heritage and history. Today, a lively, vibrant town, expanding into the 21st century.


Take a walk through the historic Kildare Town where you will discover a friendly place, still retaining it’s feeling of community, with sights to see and things to do all within walking distance.

Kildare Town offers a wide selection of shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants and boasts the world famous Kildare Village  Outlet Shopping where you can purchase many designer brands, at very friendly prices!

For an evening’s entertainment, Kildare Town has plenty to offer, live music in one of the eleven pubs almost every night of the week and good food at sensible prices available every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are many, fetes, fairs and, festivals throughout the year none more famous than the Derby Week Festival, which is the highlight of the racing calendar at the famous Curragh Racecourse.

Discover…             Experience…        Return…






For more information contact us here or email the facilitator at: [email protected]

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