We sell more Honda Quads to more farmers than anyone else in Ireland


Peter 087 677 7569


Aron 086 815 9827
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What We Do -
This is what we do - We stock the most Honda farm quads in Ireland . We have over 50+ "NEW" and "NEARLY NEW" quads in stock. Our farm Quads are fully serviced and mechanically sound. Our used stock are late model, always very clean, rust free, with low miles and hours. Fully serviced! Guaranteed!  

The Quality of Our Quads -
Each second hand quad has the same pre-delivery inspection that we give to our new machines. We carry the largest stock in Ireland and probably have the best contacts in the business. (Our main buyer is a former rally champion and advisor to Lamborghini). So we buy better, and we pass our experience on to you - so that you end up with a better machine, and more money in your pocket.  

Our Reputation -
Most of our customers come to us through word of mouth, recommended by their neighbours and our customers. They come from every county in Ireland - and they don’t travel those distances just because we make good tea.


Telephone: Peter 087 677 7569


Aron 086 815 9827
E-mail Click here to send us an Email

We Are Irish owned, vat registered and operate throughout the 32 counties. Free delivery.


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