Rock Farm Slane

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Slane Castle

Slane Castle

Boyne River

Boyne River

Shepherds hut - apple

Aball - Wild Apple (Green corrugate clad Shepherd’s Hut) View Offer

Yurt - Hazel

Coll – Hazel (20ft yurt – bottom of camp)

Yurt - Holly

Cuilenn – Holly (16ft yurt – Back Stage)

Yurt - Yew

Ibar – Yew (16ft yurt – Woodside)

Yurt - Ash

Uinnius – Ash (16ft yurt – Pregnant Lady)

Yurt - Oak

Daur – Oak (20ft yurt – top of camp)

Shepherds Hut - Pine

Ochtach - Scots Pine (Timber clad Shepherd’s Hut)



Le Shack

The Communal Building – Le Shack

What is Ecotourism?


Rock Farm Slane, an undulating meadow with a hilltop grove of wind-sculpted trees forming naturally sheltered enclosures around the yurts and shepherd huts...

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Ecotourism at Rock Farm Slane


Weddings and Celebrations...

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