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Ruby’s Pizza & Grill is located at Point  Square Dublin City beside The 3 Arena and also at Pavilions Swords. Our Point Square location is perfectly located for food and drinks before and after 3 Arena gig nights.It operates as both restaurant and full bar with a walk in policy at all times.Ruby’s award winning restaurants are relaxed and informal serving the finest Pizzas, Burgers, Wings, Ribs, Steaks, Pastas and more. Cocktails are a speciality, lunch is great value and you don’t need to book.

Rubys   |   Swords

Located in the Pavilion Shopping Centre Swords with access from Swords village

Rubys   |   Point Square

Located beside the 3 Arena and at The Point stop on the Red Luas line

• The Point Square location is right beside The 3 Arena
• Point Square is a Bar & Restaurant
• Point Square is open late on gig nights
• A walk in policy is in operation in both restaurants at all times
• Bookings for 6 or more people at the mail above
• There are Gluten Free options ask in-store
• When parking in Point Square get the second hour free by validating your ticket with us
• We serve Killer cocktails
• A one legged duck does swim in circles
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