Call Out : A History of Mountain Rescue in Ireland by Patrick Holland first edition

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The Life and Times of Thomas Joseph Condon is a new book from local author Michael Ahern..Thomas Condon was a fearless fighter in the cause for Irish freedom and was involved in the Land War and Home

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A light on the history of Cahir Women edited and published  by Cahir Women's History Group. Hardback 299 pages published December 2018

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We specialise in local history and self published books. We are experts in tracking down out of print books and hard to find titles.

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Ashling Morris

What an amazing little shop!! At the start of summer I simply left a school book list in and when I phoned yesterday to see were they able to source many of her books in good condition, to be told they have them all gathered bar one.

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It’s school book time again

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Time to think about getting the new books for next term. I know they’ve only just finished school but do it now and you can relax for the summer


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Now is the time to think about saving for your school books this summer. We give you the chance to save a small amount each week which goes towards bu

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Christmas is over for another year

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We hope that you all had a lovely time this Christmas and Santa brought all the books you wanted ! Ho Ho Ho !

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New books

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We are absolutely thrilled with the number of locally written and produced books we have for sale in the run up to Christmas. It just goes to show the

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