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Welcome to the TPS Filtration web site


TPS Filtration Ltd is dedicated to design and supply of process equiment to Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Water Industry since 1992.

  • Design & Supply of Cartridge & Bag Filtration Systems manufactured by Eaton Cororation
  • Supply of Pipeline Strainer suited to Process and Water Treatment Industry
  • Design & Supply to the Water and Waste Water Treatment Industry Motionless Mixer Technology manufactured by Statiflo International
  • Membrane Cartridge Filtration to Food and Beverage Industry manufactured by Roki Ltd
  • Applications for Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Systems mnufactured by Eaton & Amiad Filtration Ltd


TPS Filtration Ltd is committed to offering effective and innovative solutions for liquid / solid separation and motionless mixing technology for an extensive range of processing applications across a diverse spectrum of industries including food and drink, chemical and pharmaceutical, water and waste water treatment and general manufacturing.



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