Welcome to Blackpool Auto Centre

We are a family run business specialising in used car sales, repairs and valeting. Located at 25 Watercourse Road, Blackpool, Cork. All our vehicles are sold with a full guarantee and warranty. So call Fergus or James Thompson today for a Test Drive today.

Take the uncertainty out of the NCT by having your car pre-checked. Our Service department will help keep your car on the road. We also provide a range of Car Valeting services.

Contact today for details.

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Year 2008  /  100,486 Miles

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Year 2010  /  149,129 Miles

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Year 2010  /  118,625 Miles

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Year 2005  /  149,825 Miles

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Year 2009  /  154,231 Miles

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Year 2008  /  102,493 Miles

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