Discover Killaloe, Co Clare and Ballina, Co Tipperary Ireland!

The twin towns of Killaloe and Ballina are best known as the home of High King Brian Boru. Welcome to Brian Boru Country!

Discover Killaloe & Ballina

Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland and Ballina, County Tipperary are situated on the banks of the River Shannon, and best known as the birthplace of Brian Boru (c. 941 - 1014), and High King of Ireland (1002 - 1014). While Brian was High King, he ruled from Killaloe making it the "Capital of Ireland."
The twin towns of Killaloe, Co Clare and Ballina, Co Tipperary are amongst Ireland's most picturesque attractions and are linked by a 13 arch bridge, which links not only the two towns, but also the counties of Clare and Tipperary.
St. Flannan's Cathedral, unique for its stone carving inscriptions is in Killaloe, while both villages host restau...

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