Welcome to Ennisdental.ie - Dr. Oonagh O'Regan and Associates Family Dental Practice

The Munster Regional Winner of Sensodyne Dentist of the Year is our very own Dr Oonagh O' Regan

Massive Congratulations #sensitivedentist2017#.

Here at Ennisdental we promise our customers our utmost support and personal care when dealing with each and any individual. It is our duty as a team of professionals to ensure that our customers get the best treatment, care and results they could possibly obtain.

At Ennis dental, Roslevan, Dr. O'Regan and Dr. Joy care about helping you obtain your perfect smile in a gentle, caring environment and providing pain free dentistry. When placing your teeth in the hands of someone else you need to be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be treated with nothing but the best care. This is why for 100% satisfaction, peace of mind and value come to Ennisdental at Roslevan shopping centre, Ennis.

We strive to be the best family and general dentist in Co. Clare to provide you with a beautiful smile.We care.

Why not get in contact today for a consultation and see what Ennis Dental can do for you at 065-6828486.

O'Regan and Associates - Ennis Dental
Roslevan Shopping Centre, Ennis.
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Phone: 065-6828486  |  E-mail: [email protected]

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