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  • Food Waste Regulations

    1 July 2010 is the date the Food Waste Regulations (SI 508 of 2009) enter into force in Ireland. The Regulations require all major sources of food waste to place it into a dedicated bin and ensure that it is not mixed with other waste. A brown bin collection service must be used so that the collected food waste is subsequently recycled by composting or by other approved recycling process. Alternatively, businesses affected by this legislation can transport the food waste directly to a recycling plant or can treat it themselves by installing a composting unit on the premises where the waste is generated. . click here to read more >>
  • Fact Sheets

    Short fact sheets on how the regs affect each type of business (Hotel, pubs etc) can be downloaded here.

  • FAQ’s

    The Department of Environment has produced a set of frequently asked questions which can be viewed here.

  • Case Studies

    A number of case studies of businesses with brown bins and the money saved can be found here

  • Food Waste Prevention

    In the Regs, businesses will have to demonstrate measures proposed and adopted to prevent food waste. A guide on food waste prevention was published recently.

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