Phone: +353 67 37893
Fax: +353 67 34794

Goliath Packaging Systems

Goliath Packaging Systems supplies a comprehensive range of End of Line Automation, Materials Handling & Industrial Washing Systems to the Irish Marketplace.

End of Line Automation

Goliath is an experienced End of Line Automation provider, capable of delivering complex integrated projects on time and within budget, allowing maximum return on investment.


Materials Handling

Goliath provides a range of Materials Handling Equipment to facilitate easy vertical movement of boxes, bags, drums and palletised loads.


Industrial Washing Systems

Goliath supplies a range of industrial washing equipment to the food, pharma and laboratory sectors.



We serve the following industry sectors, Food / Meat / Bakery / Beverage / Cold Storage / Pharmaceutical / Chemical / Medical Devices/ Warehousing / Logistics / General Industry.

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