Irish Papers Limited

With almost 40 years of experience , Irish Papers is a business that provides a professional service in the delivery of paper and packaging goods to a wide range of Industry sectors including Food Processing, Retail, Pizza Restaurants, Meat & Butchery, Fruit & Veg Producers, Catering, Retail food & Drink and Bakeries all over Ireland the UK and Europe.

Our full service model provides our clients with a dynamic range of off-the-shelf and customised products, including, Foil Containers, Pizza Boxes, Paper Bags, Bakery, Hygiene, Plastics, Paper, Corrugated Cardboard boxes, Ovenable Board Trays and Netting/Bags and Clipwire.We constantly strive to meet market changes and respond rapidly and efficiently to our client’s demands.

I hope you will find this new site useful, we will be adding more features to it over time, in order to help you, our customer and I would  welcome your comments good, bad or indifferent


  Eoin Mc Connon

  Managing Director 
  Irish Papers Ltd

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