Qualified Engineers & Electricians

Bespoke/tailor made design/design services

extensive range of products

Energy Efficient (EC) Technology

(Eurovent standard)

Wholly owned Irish Company


Qualified Engineers & Electricians

AHU Manufacturers

Filtration Experts

Cutting Edge Ventilation & Filtration Systems

in Ireland & UK

Our Product Categories

We provide a wide range of high quality Industrial fans including; Axial, Duct, Roof, Inline & Twin Fans.

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We provide a complete range of Filtration products including; Pre-Filters, Bag Filters, Hepa & Carbon Filters

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We provide an extensive range of Grilles, Louvres and Diffusers for all ventilation applications.

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We stock different types of dampers from Volume Control Dampers to Fire Dampers.

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We provide a Quality range of Air Curtains for all applications


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We stock a wide range of ducting from Spiro to Flexible and associated fittings to suit.

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