Kiwi Country Clothing

Kiwi Country Clothing are the “go-to” company for  quality wet and cold weather garments that perform to exacting standards.

While KCC is still a young company (based in Ireland) it carries the best brands available from New Zealand which guarantee high performance in their respective fields... lifestyle, farming, equestrian and in certain health areas (diabetes, Reynaud’s, rheumatoid arthritis).

The oilskin range is 100% waterproof and 100% breathable ... and when you note the cleaning instructions on the care label as simply “hang on hook and hose with water” you know this is serious business!

As for the possum/merino, which heretofore has not been easily available, this amazing, eco-friendly product is 35% warmer than cashmere, 55% warmer than merino and truly durable. It also is very slow to pill or ball.

All the products are high performance garments, and have really taken off in this part of the world in very short timeframe.

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Mail to: [email protected]

Phone: 00353 (0) 868931953

Address: Lynster House, milltown, Monaghan, Ireland. H18 RK33

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