Mentor Books

43 Furze Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18, Ireland

Mentor Books are leading Irish Publishers of General Books of Irish interest and Post-Primary Educational School Books - Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate.

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Transition Year French

On Decouvre !

A modern, engaging and practical textbook for Transition Year students.

Junior Cycle Religious Education

Faith Alive NEW

Junior Cycle Religious Education

Transition Year English

Rubicon Second Edition

A wealth of resources and activities make this an ideal book for TY students

The past comes vividly to life

Flight of the Wren

Winner of the Cecil Day Lewis award

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The Good Enough Parent by David Carey

Child Psychologist Dr David Carey encourages parents to realise they are equal to the task of parenting.

On Découvre !

A modern, engaging and practical textbook for Transition Year students.

Lay of the Land by Fiona O'Connell

A charming collection by Sunday Independent journalist Fiona O'Connell, focusing on life in rural Ireland.

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