Now Open - Market Cross, Kilkenny

About Us

We are a family-run business. We provide natural remedies for health and wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and personal service.


Meet The Staff

Our staff are highly qualified and very experienced. We are siblings and have been in the retail trade since our early teens. We are passionate about what we do.



Check out our blog for all the latest news, health tips, in-store demos and special offers. There’s something here for everyone, so be sure to swing by from time to time.


Loyalty Card

Sign up to our Loyalty Card today. It’s very quick and easy. You can earn points on everything you buy and then turn those points into cash. It couldn’t be simpler!



Patrick, Christine, Clair and Linda, You are a popular local family and make a wonderful team. This is because you are honest, helpful and efficient at all times. Your well stocked and well laid out shop is a credit to you considering your business is only recently established. I shall always give you my fullest recommendation for your excellent service and products. - Peter Jeffares

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