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Important Notice the Padre Pio Office, has not closed - It has relocated to the Padre Pio Centre, Church Street, Dublin 7
Read the article about Eileen C Maguire in The Voice of Padre Pio click HERE

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Office Hours - Contact details - St Pio's Glove - Location - Newsletters - Christmas Cards - Archive and pictures of our trips - Oratory
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Dublin Prayer Groups, Monthly Mass times and Venues - Prayers to Saint Pio - Souvenir leaflet and prayer from EC Congress - A biography on Padre Pio - The Stigmata
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Transfer of Padre Pio to the New Church - Pilgrim's Path - illustrated guide to the Sanctuary, Friary and Tomb - Short history on St Pio - Canonisation in June 2002 - Fr. Alessio Parente - Rare movies showing Padre Pio when he was alive.
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Pilgrimages and tours to San Giovanni - Interactively wander around the town - Pilgrimages to Knock - Traveling independently to Italy - Maps - Friary address, contact details.
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Books - Religious objects - DVD's - Pictures - Calendars - Christmas Cards - Rosaries etc
Website published by The Padre Pio Centre Church Street. Affiliated in Southern Ireland to the Friary in San Giovannin Rotundo in Italy
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