Ridge Solutions, Software Development and Software Engineering, Ireland. Ridge Solutions, Software Development and Software Engineering, Ireland.

Ridge Solutions is a software development and engineering consultancy based in Ireland. We are dedicated to providing working, practical and efficient solutions to real world software development problems and projects.

We provide a wide range of software engineering services for both small and large projects ranging from bespoke software development to software engineering consultancy and have a proven track record of delivering solutions in technically demanding environments for multi-nationals and SMEs alike, in Ireland and abroad.

Our Services:

Software Engineering Consultancy

Ridge Solutions provides our clients with help on many aspects of their day-to-day software development and engineering.

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Software Development

Ridge Solutions designs and implements software. We can take care of a whole project from specification and design right through to documentation and deployment, or we can help you with a part of your software development project.

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Software Design

We carry out Software Design for our clients either as part of a development project or as a stand alone design service and have learned by experience that design is just as important for small software tasks as it is for large projects.

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Some of our Clients:

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