Qualified Dressmakers, Dress Alterations & Repairs, Zips, Patches & Hems.
Upholstery, Curtains, Blinds and Cushions... in fact all your sewing needs!
Good quality, low prices, fast service...

The Sewing Workshop, Ennis, Co. Clare

Located in Bank Place, in the heart of Ennis town, The Sewing Workshop has been doing dress alterations and repairing clothes for over 5 years. We've sewn a lot of buttons and taken up a lot of hems in that time. But we're not just about clothes repair and dress alterations, we also do upholstery and make curtains, blinds and cushion covers.

The Sewing Workshop is a safe bet for all dress alterations: wedding dresses, bridesmaids, evening dresses, suits and other tailoring. No job too big or too small! If your favourite chair is looking shabby, we can re-upholster it and make it like new! We can help give your home a new look with new curtains or cushions. All done with a friendly prompt service, that won't cost the earth!


Copyright © 2016 The Sewing Workshop, Ennis, Co. Clare

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