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Come on up to the house...


Full details of the Come On Up To The House tour have been announced this week...

Delighted to confirm The Frames (Official)David Kitt & Bitch Falcon will play Ballintubbert House & Gardens on Sept 9...

Tickets on sale this Thursday (June 14) @ 11:00 IST.   BUY NOW

Full details at


The Frames - Longitude   OUT NOW


CD Tracklist:

  1. God Bless Mom
  2. Seven Day Mile
  3. Happy
  4. Revelate
  5. Fitzcarraldo
  6. Star Star **
  7. In The Deep Shade
  8. Lay Me Down
  9. The Cost
  10. People Get Ready
  11. Ship Caught In The Bay
  12. None But I



Available now on CD from all good record stores and via mail order.

Vinyl now available at Tower Records, HMV, Golden Disc in Ireland and via mailorder.



Available in shops and on all good digital platforms incl. iTunes.




Digital release - July 10th
Physical release - July 31st







Through the frames 25 years, they've always been very lucky to work alongside some fantastic photographers and artists. It seemed like a good time to put together a songbook of 30 of our favourite songs, alongside images - many previously unseen - from their whole career. The tabulation pages were designed by Dunk Murphy to specifically reflect glens personal guitar fingering and a companion page accompanying each song has been selected by our very close artistic cohort David Cleary who himself has been around the band since way, way back in the day…..again, we hope you like it as much as we do…..

We've only done a small run of these books and they will be available at the shows in July.  If we have any left then we will sell them through the frames web store.





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