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The O’Mahony name has been synonymous with the supply of quality products – timber and building materials – to the building trade and home improvement sector in Ireland for over 60 years.

That tradition is a key element of the relationships we have in place with all our valued customers, allowing us to confidently impart all our experience, expert advice and knowledge in relation to all aspects of any building or renovation project.

We supply in excess of 35,000 product lines to a wide range of customers including trade professionals, specialist tradesmen, house building companies, construction companies, property development and maintenance companies, DIY and retail customers.

We stock all the leading and recognised brands in timber, building materials, plumbing & heating and bathroom products, tools, paint & decor and a wide range of DIY products.

At T J O’Mahonys we take our social and environmental obligations very seriously. All products we supply meet the exacting building standards and regulations and all our timber is sourced from sustainable forests where only the highest environmental standards apply.

T J O’Mahonys is a long established and well respected business which has won many prestigious industry awards over the years. Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are always on hand to help and are committed to maintaining the highest standards in service for all our valued customers. As we say we are “Serious about Service”.


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