Welcome to TK Car Sales.

We are located at the Corrib Truck Centre, Headford Road, Galway City, Co. Galway (You will find directions here).

Offering a wide range of quality used cars for sale, we are ideally located for motorists all over Galway, but keep in mind we are only 90 minutes from Dublin using the M6 motorway. Tony Kelly is on site each day to handle your enquiry personally and has over 10 years of motor trade experience serving the Galway region. Our second hand cars come fully serviced, NCT prepared, with both warranty and Motorcheck history checks available.

We look forward to meeting you and helping with your enquiry.

Photo for ad 2347023

Year 2008  /  117,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2229964

Year 2011  /  125,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2340556

Year 2009  /  358,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2338713

Year 2008  /  139,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2330791

Year 2011  /  135,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2325536

Year 2008  /  97,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2328988

Year 2011  /  118,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2341786

Year 2007  /  73,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2339140

Year 2008  /  115,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2343239

Year 2008  /  79,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2333839

Year 2007  /  135,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2342335

Year 2008  /  165,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2328512

Year 2007  /  132,000 Miles

Photo for ad 2333610

Year 2007  /  185,000 Miles

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