Welcome to Urban Gorilla Tattoo Studio.

The funky ass new studio is located in the centre of bustling Sligo city. It is a bright, fresh, and styly aye studio, with a laid back, welcoming atmosphere. Located close to the Garavogue River, the studio is but a whistle from the rockin bars & crackin shoppin in the town. Sound choons, eclectic art and a relaxed crew make for a vibrant tattooing experience at UGT!

(Punk rockers / surfers / general messers / students / OAPs of every age… come on down and get more bang for your buck with Wally!)

The Studio
 The Studio

The reception is a spacious, funky place, with a big comfy couch and large coffee table making it the ideal space for relaxing over your prospective tattoo designs. The studio’s reception area has a wide variety of pre-drawn designs which can be altered to suit the customers desires. Wally’s original works also adorn the walls, offering additional inspiration at a glance. There is also an extensive reference library to assist in custom designs. All in all, choons, a chat & a browse add to the enjoyment of the Urban Gorilla experience!!!

The studio is styly! A spacious, bright, comfortable, creative room full of original artworks & photography of the artists work and his extensive travels in the east. It is a discreet and very clean environment.

The Urban Gorilla crew pride ourselves in having a high level of cleanliness, hygiene, and individual tattoo aftercare service. We use single-use needles and autoclave sterilisation in a clean environment. Full Aftercare Advise and documents are given to all customers on the day of full/part completion of tattooing work.


  • Tattoos are by appointment preferably & a deposit is required upon booking.
  • Walk-in tattoos are always available, time permitting.
  • ID is required, over 18s only for tattooing.
  • Please feel free to call into the studio for creative or practical tattoo advice.

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