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We are company who specialise in purchasing used clothing for export to Eastern Europe where the majority of people purchase their clothing in used clothing stores, as this is a cheaper alternative to buying new clothes and that’s the way you give joy to other people who receive good quality clothes at a good price.
Recycle your clothes with us HELP PROTECT THE PLANET.

Be smart

Earn money

Please pop in everytime when you need extra cash and after you tidy up your werdrobe, loosing weight or just don’t like your goods any more…


Individual offer

Whether you are trying to raise funds for a charity / comunity or just need extra cash for yourself – the choice is yours, you may keep the money or donate it to a charity of your choice.

IMPORTANT! If you are comunities,companies, churches, charities, schools just contact us to get individual offer.Your old clothes are exported to poorer countries in Eastern Europe, Russia & Africa, where they are re-used.


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