Target your audience

Writing for your target audience

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How much do you consider your audience when you create a marketing campaign, or even a poster or flyer?

Every marketing campaign should be targeted towards a particular type of person. Do you know who you are trying to talk to, or do you fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone in the hope that if you cast your net wide enough, hordes of new patients will come walking through your door?

If this is the case then it’s probably more likely that you’re missing the mark entirely by producing safe, ‘on the fence’ messages that won’t capture anyone’s attention. People are more likely to dismiss or ignore more general marketing messages assuming they don’t relate to them.Read More

Your questions answered

Sarah Buxton explains what you need to consider when an employee is expecting

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HR issues are a topic that we get asked about on a fairly regular basis as many practices are keen to ensure they’re abiding by the law. And how best to manage pregnant employees and their maternity leave is one of the most popular questions that comes up.

Understandably, practice owners and managers are keen to ensure the wellbeing of their pregnant staff, and that they are offering them the right kind of support during this time. Being clear on the legal requirements can also help to make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. To provide that clarity I asked specialist solicitor Sarah Buxton: What is the best approach to managing the maternity leave process?Read More

Expert advice from Lisa Bainham

Handling complaints in practice

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Lisa shares her best practises on how to deal with complaints to prevent them from escalating. She discusses the importance of being prepared and how it is important to learn from any complaints you do receive to improve your practice procedures.

What you’ll hear:
  • The role of the team in spotting and handling complaints
  • The importance of listening to and reacting to each complaint individually
  • How you can learn from a complaint
  • The benefits of following up a complaint with an invitation to talk it though.

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In conversation with Zahid Siddique

Introducing Dental Training Consultants

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Zahid explains the process that dental students go through during their dental foundation training interview in order to achieve their ranking. He introduces Dental Training Consultants, and explains how they help young dentists achieve their learning objectives and prepare for this interview.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of the dental foundation training interview
  • An overview of the process dental students go through to get ranked
  • An introduction to Dental Training Consultants and what they do.

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Challenges of delivering dentistry to children

The challenges of delivering dentistry to children

Zoe Close Dental Health Leave a Comment

Children’s dental health has been hitting the headlines a lot this year, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Early in 2018, BDA Chairman Mick Armstrong described it as a ‘badge of dishonour for health ministers’ after figures revealed the number of hospital tooth extractions for under-18s in England had risen to 42,911 in 2016-17. That’s a rise of over 6,000 since 2012-13.

Organisations are trying to tackle the issue with the launch of the Dental Check by One campaign by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD), supported by the CDOs of England, Wales and Scotland. The campaign aims to remind parents and guardians of the importance of children seeing a dentist before their first birthday.

With this in mind, I spoke to Siobhan Barry, a consultant in paediatric dentistry at the University Hospital in Manchester, about the issues facing paediatric dentistry, the challenges dentists face in treating children and advice about seeing anxious children…Read More