We are now open for 2019.
Recent sun and warmth has sweetened up our berries beautifully.
There are bountiful supplies of strawberries now which will last in easy-picking
quantities for at least the next three weeks - check back for updates.
We also have gooseberries and raspberries in good quantities.

Check here for fruit prices and what’s ripe when.


Hello berry lovers

We are one of Scotland's last remaining outdoor berry farms. Our berries ripen in the sunshine (no extra polytunnel heat) which makes for delicious, sweet berries only available in July & August.

 Different varieties of berry ensure we prolong our season well into August. See Fruit for more details of what's ripe when.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2019 for some rich pickings!

Alistair & Harriet Busby


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