EUROPAGES helps small businesses
to be found on the European market

Here in Italy

We connect leading producers of Italian fresh food with importers all over Europe. We stock fresh products such as cheese, fresh filled pasta and delicatessen meat for 25 to 90 days.

Here in Russia

We buy gourmet food, such as Italian cheese, and we sell it to Russia and eastern Europe. We seek high quality food provider.

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How it works

You create

When you register your company, you create a dedicated page for it: your E*Page.

During the registration process, you provide all the information buyers will need when selecting a supplier.

You describe your business activities and illustrate your expertise with videos, images and documents: all the information you need to really stand out and attract potential customers.

Companies looking for suppliers in your field on EUROPAGES will be able to find you.

We publish

Your E*Page goes online in less than 48 hours on all 26 EUROPAGES websites (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Swedish, etc.).

Your E*Page also has a mobile version on all 26 websites.

If you have chosen a multilingual pack, EUROPAGES translates your E*Page.

You manage your page

You get a login and password for your myEUROPAGES account: your tool for enhancing your E*Page and monitoring its performance.

You can also use your account to reply to the leads you receive on EUROPAGES.

EUROPAGES is available in 26 languages

making it possible for every business to find partners and distributors...


...among a database of 3 million companies.

Each month, EUROPAGES is used by over 2 million professionals in the world

ACPM certifies the website trafficOJDSeal
million page views/year
million searches/year
million clicks on companies websites are coming from EUROPAGES each month



Industry manufacturer


Service providers





CTR 2.0%
Average click-through rate
Mostly EUROPEAN visitors
Rest of the world


Take advantage of this qualified audience for your own business

Discover our solutions

Companies join us each month
Creating their own web page on EUROPAGES

subscribers are
decision makers
Although most of them are part of the industrial and manufacturing sectors, service companies account for an increasing share of our database.

Is YOUR business registered on EUROPAGES ?

Add your company

Powerful tools to help small businesses get found

loupe terre Be found
boucle Convert
graph Evaluate
screen Optimize
arrow arrow arrow arrow

Thanks to our B2B solutions, your business can be found on the internet, guiding new visitors and potential buyers to your website. You can access your statistics and manage your content to improve your visibility.

Boost your visibility with EUROPAGES

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